The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

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irc fun

<zetabug_> MAxiMUM COCK - INtrusive Monster Cocks Unleashed - Get Acess Now
<ignatz> sounds dangerous
<ignatz> they might peck me
<TorgoX> BKAW
* cogent ties a razor blade to ignatz' toes
<mendel> intrusive cocks! They interrupt you while reading to ask about your parents.
<ignatz> Yeah, so I was sitting there trying to play solitaire when this huge penis bursts in and asks where I left the Economist from last week. How am I supposed to know and why can't he look himself?
<zetabug_> Max the Cock
<TorgoX> "WHERE'S MY 1099?!" "Penises don't GET 1099's!!!"
<ignatz> Max? You wanna see Max? He's in the... back room.
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