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A penny saved is a penny.

  1. The "Trump Blog" is well worth reading. Today's entry is from the Donald's "Chief Learning Officer", who has a ten point plan for reforming higher education that made me so happy I had to do the mambo with the cat for a while. Special points for using the phrase "just in time", although #10 is really the best after you've read the first 9.

  2. I remembered today how much I liked Borges' Library of Babel.

  3. Here, have lots and lots of mushroom cloud pictures.

  4. Since the Japanese have concreted over their entire nation with pork-barrel corruption construction projects, it's time for the natural progression to blowing cash on a useless new Concorde.

  5. In smaller, more insidious aircraft news, they're making evil animatronic birds to spy on us.

  6. ¡Cuidado! ¡Hay llamas!

  7. Mulder, watch out! ROGUE SQUIRREL!
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