The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

There is another post about this which will arrive at an indeterminate time later on and is inaccurate. Then I will delete it. This is because Livejournal is a piece of shit and they broke post by email again, but it's pointless to file a support ticket because they either already know or don't care, and they never post anything to support or status when anything is broken either.

Today I went to the apple store because my powerbook had a case crack and a hinge fracture. The large comfortable young man at the genius bar declined to service this under applecare and insinuated that I had damaged the laptop by getting it wet and banging on it. He obviously hadn't liked me from the start when I came in late and was anxious because I'd been removed from the repair schedule. He even pretended to go in the back and talk to "another genius" while he jacked off or had a smoke, like a fucking car salesman. Repair would cost $1000. So I got to be publicly humiliated by this son of a bitch and now if I want a working laptop I get to suck Apple's cock and buy yet another laptop from them.

Thanks, apple! Thanks, genius bar! Thanks, applecare!

I don't think I'll be going back to the Newport Beach store any time soon. I haven't wanted to hit someone this bad in a long time.
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