The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

A banner with a strange device

  1. Who put the attack reptile in the lake at the park? (via LAobserved)

  2. Listen to the The Wandering Soul, a magnificently creepy ghost sounds tape that U.S. soldiers played from boats at Vietnamese people during the war as a psychological warfare operation, pretending to be a message from their dead friends. (via The Nonist)

  3. 100 Years of Orange County, an online photographic project from the Orange County Register. Some funny, some interesting, some chilling pictures from the last century of my odd little corner of the world. Start at January and move forward; moving backward for some reason jumps over two half-months at a time instead of one, missing half the content. I especially like the pic of Howard Hughes after he crashed in the Costa Mesa sugar beet field.
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