The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

Not German. Still dead.

The woman who left her limo into traffic the other day here was apparently neither a lead singer nor in a German band. Her name was Jessica Roe and she was the drummer for a Bomp! Records bad-girl band called Les Hell On Heels.

Not the case! Bad reporting from KABC among others. The paragraph below stands.

Apparently she and her boyfriend for some reason told people they were in Rammstein. They rented a limo and ran up a bill of about $3000. And went to the Block and bought clothes at the Hot Topic, did some bar hopping, went to L.A. where he hung out at the Standard while she sat in the limo and boogied with street people to Rammstein, and then headed home except for the part where she dived out of the limo into traffic.
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