The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

Did Nena snuff it at the Fairview offramp this morning or something?

Some woman in a Hummer Limo apparently committed suicide on the freeway at 5 this morning by leaping out of it. The news reports say they had been at a "celebrity event" (nice phrase) and then at a party in Costa Mesa. Also that she was in a "German band". Unsurprisingly, there may have been alcohol involved!

So, what German band was at a Celebrity Event, then came down to this hub of culture and excitement called Costa Mesa and partied until 5 am, and then got in their Hummer Limo to go back to L.A. only to be interrupted by this lady's suicide?

Edit: Now it says she was in a "popular German punk band". I'd put up the Drudge siren because it's a DEVELOPING... story but I'm lazy.

News story in our local rag

AP Story at
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