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  1. Why would anyone want to make their own ad for the product they love? Because we live in AMERICA! FUCK YEAH! (AdJab)

  2. wearekim calls my attention to a distressing soap dispenser.

  3. ZAAAAAAP. (Flickr)

  4. They're still at it with the crazy crypto export controls; it's been a bipartisan nightmare for over 10 years now. (Schneier)

  5. The always worthwhile Dinosaur Comics today addresses manliness.

  6. Okay, it's funny enough that the Vatican has a Chief Astronomer, but that he's the one defending evolution makes it even better. "Who got Galileo's office?" Edit: Even Rick Santorum doesn't want "Intelligent Design" in the schools; wow.

  7. We have a war in the Middle East and ironic mullets everywhere, so why not a new retro Camaro? Well, because it's fucking stupid, that's why.
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