The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

I cannot stop the links.

  1. Single white female college student seeks travel companion and lover for Costa Rica trip. Hey, this shouldn't be a problem? Just as long as he meets stringent personal and political guidelines: "He should be intelligent, ethical, healthy and fit, monogamous, kind, generous, very affectionate and sexual. No married men, smokers, STDs, or religion, and must be pro-choice and pro-gay rights. For long-term compatibility he should be a libertarian and share a lot of my interests and hobbies." Unfortunately Robert Heinlein is dead, and he probably wouldn't have shared her admiration for Blink 182.

  2. Let's go play in the carwash! Before and after pictures demonstrate the problem.

  3. The science folks are finally finding out that the mad old sea captains were right about the giant waves that kill ships.

  4. Here's a freakin' hilarious Toyota ad (mpeg video).

  5. Get your vexations on with Satie & Co.!
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