The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban


Saw the M.D. today. Since I'm doing about as well as purely medical intervention is going to get me, I'm not seeing him for another six weeks, and if things continue to be stable then at increasingly long intervals.

I bitched a little bit about what I perceive as some cognitive problems still: I feel slower to get concepts, have trouble at times finding words, and I "lock up" trying to perform a task more than I used to. It's not as bad as I had before, but still noticeable.

He recommended B Complex or B12 vitamins in small one-a-day quantities if it's mild, and we agreed that we'd watch that to make sure I didn't become a drooling idiot or get Alzheimer's at 40.

The chemical end of things is at least temporarily nailed down; I'm no longer swinging or diving so abruptly that I can't deal with my issues in psychotherapy.

And here the real work begins...
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