The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

It's St. Dogboner's Day and Time for Links!

  1. BOOM! There goes the neighborhood. There's a customized nuke map of a 100 kt blast at my house. Sorry about the neighborhood. Make your own, today!

  2. Here's a great idea. Let's give the TSA rentacops "temporary and reversible" death ray stun zap magic wands!

  3. Reason #2942 not to do speed: Meth Mouth. Tweaker teeth are ugly.

  4. I am overjoyed to see that Walker rides again! And now we see what has happened to Janine Turner's career.

  5. Did they have a tornado in England and I missed it? (Flickr)

  6. One reason there's so much ATM card fraud is that lots of banks don't use half the security info on the cards. Thanks, guys!
Tags: does anyone read these tags, ephemera, lazy, links, news, short attention span, tag
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