The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
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Pedagogy Year Zero

If I were the parent of a child in this teacher's class, I would have to be restrained from physically assaulting her.

In case she deletes this after being LJDrama'd to Yuggoth, her post is pasted with post-paste technology below.

I know I am Ms. Posts-A-Ton lately but I am trying to give out info that will be useful for people as we all head back to school.

Today I am showing my restroom procedures for (9-12) kids. This came out of a problem that I had last year. (Too many kids needed to use the bathroom every day and they miss too much work. They are also gone for prolonged periods and would ask for passes at the most innapropriate times.)

This procedure allows for each student to be responsible.
It gives me a code so I know WHY someone has his or her hand raised.
I can take care of the situation quickly without disrupting the flow of the class.

As for the grand prize...(I found some cheap electronic organizers( 12-20 bucks at drugstores/grocery stores/office stores.) I am only buying one every nine weeks so 48-80 dollars for peace and quiet around bathroom procedures (for 200 teenagers)is worth it.

You will find a copy of my procedure list/signed form below as well as my clip art bathroom passes underneath that.


Many people that have commented, failed to take into account that my school (and others) MAY have a hallway pass policy. Students are NOT allowed out of class AT ALL without a correctly colored hall pass signed by a teacher with: STUDENT'S NAME, TIME, DATE, CLASS AND THE DESTINATION.
This system allows for my students to tell me they need to use the restroom without calling out and yelling. I can easily write out the pass for the student and then hand it to them while everyone else is working. I have no need to stop class to allow Susan to tell me she has to pee.
My school is not overly large. I myself can walk from the farthest end and stop at a restoom and be at my door before the tardy bell rings. My own high school that I attended was twice as large and I could do it there as well.
I am NOT ALLOWED to have student walk out my class. I don't work in a safe school. We have trained adult hall monitors that are prepared to take a student to the ground in case of violence. (This pass system works for me and many other schools that are required to use a hall pass system.)

As for the rule about when the student can ask (10 minutes after or before a bell) that is a school rule and it is not something I can change. I certainly wish that I had a restroom located in my classroom so I could avoid these problems but I don't.
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