The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

Killing another night in Costa Mesa

Sandi Grins

Stuart's Slinky

I fled from the worst "Irish" band ever to the new Diedrich to see changeng play. He's as good as ever, including a fine interpretation of Trio's "Da Da Da" for toy piano and a disco medley followed by Eminem/Vanilla Ice mashup. He seems to pick the songs that make people laugh but also sing along, which is a very fine line. It was nice to see Sandi too. I rarely get over to that place. joyfulagitator and I were sitting on the couch when a guy walks in and she immediately says "Well, he's a complete asshole." I looked around and saw him, and got the same instant impression. About 3 minutes later I remembered him; he's the guy from the 12-step group who challenged me to a fight for absolutely no reason a few years ago, and went insane when I refused. As I was leaving I heard him say to one of his group "Yeah, I'm just a cop magnet. Even after I'm sober. Why's that?"
Tags: coffee, diedrich, music, my so called nightlife, stuart pearson, tag
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