The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

Chock full o'links

  1. They managed to spend almost $50K on a Mini, and ruined it thoroughly. For reference, the base Mini is about $20K, and I specced out my dream loaded super fast one with all my desires for $30K. Someone let a 12 year old build this thing after 3 liters of Mountain Dew.

  2. A modest proposal from zarriq Michael Bay should should remake the MST3K movies, since he's already ripped off one of them.

  3. If you're a bird, stay away from the ballpark, and particularly from the strike zone when Randy Johnson is pitching (MPEG video; warning, animal injury occurs).

  4. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the number one impresario of celebrity porn (LA Times, bugmenot if unregistered). Jesus Christ, he looks like a fired club bouncer. What a thug. I'd love to be a fly on the wall while he was doing business in the office.

  5. Meet the guy who heaved a grenade at Dubbya; Gavrilo Princip rides again.
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