The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

Metaphysical Power Tools!

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The ultimate Manifestation instrument includes:

The Psychotronic 4's Circle Of Power, this is a large, heavy, monster scalar wave energy device, it has within the Circle Of Power 4 Heavy Duty Mobius coils connected in series each with solid quartz crystals, this part (the base) works as an etheric energy reactor, constantly producing and pumping orgone energy. The Circle Of Power itself is made up of 100 percent Orgontek, which is pound for pound the most powerful orgone generating matrix material available anywhere. The Circle Of Power is multi cast (layered) and also includes directional and amplifying coils, magnets, plus the unique and powerful amplifying frequency vortex energy resonator Pods. This is nothing else like this anywhere.

"Energy Grid" / chakras / orgone / magick / telepathy / consumer electronics / psychoceramic typography / dowsing / sex / magnetism/ etheric planes

As they say, "That is what some folks call Radionics and for good reason." Very expensive electronic items that blast your thoughts into etherspace, adjust various energies, and move around chakras, chi, etc.

Thanks to springheel_jack for this one.
Tags: devices, energy, magnets, orgone, psychoceramics
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