The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
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I really like The Pope.

I say this not because I'm friends with the one guy's fiancée and met him a couple times, but because I just finally got the mp3-trola on myspace to work properly and listened to their music and it blasted my pants right off.

You're supposed to mention at least two bands they sound like, old rock crit rule. So I pick Half Japanese and Mission of Burma. They have that "this entire record was recorded inside a coffee can" sound that I love from Half Japanese, and they're anarchic and noisy as fuck. There's an element of "Help, I am being kicked downstairs into the trash bin" listening to this stuff that really makes me warm and happy inside.

But they've got melody and guitar riffs, and the songs go from point A to point B instead of just being slices of noise. I can't be down with the slices of noise thing; it puts me to sleep. This sound is more like giving a very talented and angry ADHD victim access to drums and guitars and asking him how he feels about his mother. BAM BAM RAAAR YEE HAW CLONK BLONK RRRROAR WHAMMEDY BLAM.

Oh yeah, and Flipper. A lot like Flipper. Anyway I just ordered their CD.
Tags: music, noise, punk, reviews, rock and roll, the pope
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