The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

The mind of a skinhead

I usually visit my brother's family annually in Philadelphia, a city I like pretty well. A visit to that city usually involves a trip down to South Street to eat a huge cheesesteak and wander about.

A couple of years ago, while wandering down South Street in the usual crowd of tourists and kids, I came up behind a gaggle of skinheads. They were the usual crappy racist kind, with nazi stuff hanging off them, etc. Oddly, one of them was black. They were clustered around the entrance to a deli, arguing about whether to buy cigarettes there, or go somewhere else. It was important to buy cigarettes.

The black kid said to a taller blond skinhead "Hey, we don't want to buy cigs at a JEW STORE."

The blond one responded "Wait. You're a nigger nazi but you don't want to shop at a jew store?"

There was a long silence, while thick slow wooden wheels rotated in their heads. Then one of them said "Fuck, whatever" and they all proceeded into buy the necessary cigarettes.

I doubt that the National Socialist Revolution is going to get very far in Philly.
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