The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

Craigslist personals quote of the day

i am a single asian girl who is looking to meet a special gentleman in my area for friendship or more.. my expectation is high and i wont settle for less. i would like to meet someone who is smart, confident, strong and fun to hang out with.(loves travel and eat out is must) you need to be successful in business and personal life, able to manage your time and money. i do not want to hear your "i have this and that" "ive done this and that" stories. so please do not try to impress me with your story that i dont really believe anyways.

i am not looking for a sugar daddy or financial support from you so dont try to show off your $$$ either. but if youve never bought a car for your girlfriend, please dont bother. my guy should be capable of doing so whether youd do it for me or not. (if you thought that i am a gold digger or/and dont understand what i mean on here, obviously you do not have the same value or lifestyle as i do, so please dont bother.)

please, no players, one night stand seekers or cheaters.

She's right. I don't have the same lifestyle or "value" as she does! Anyway I can't afford more than a one night stand. Glad to hear she's not a gold digger, though. Gosh, that would be awful.

She'll end up with one of the guys who ends his ads "no fatties", and she'll get chlamydia. But it's all part of the career choice, I guess.

"Never trust a whore who says they don't want money. They're the most expensive kind." —William S. Burroughs
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