The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

waving from the peanut gallery again

So there's this woman I met at a party a couple years ago, and have talked to by email maybe three times since. I got a crush on her when we met and we got along okay but it was pretty clear that she wasn't going to be my pal or anything. But I thought she was so cool! Pretty close to my age, did a lot of interesting things and had an unusual background, smart and fun and full of surprises. The kind of person you just feel good after meeting. And then I forgot about her.

Because of one of the movies I knew she'd helped make came up in the conversation tonight, I e-stalked her tonight to see what she's about. Shit. No wonder she was out of my league. Not only does she have three real degrees from a good school, but she's produced about 10 movies and has her own movie company. I guess I should feel privileged that I got to buy Tupperware from her.

Reminds me of the last such person before that, who was a consultant type I met at a job. She had a Harvard Econ degree and had already sold out of one company and bought a house in L.A. and was attractive and fun and nice and wildly successful and whoosh off she goes on the wondertruck!

Hello there, ladies. I am a system administrator who tells funny stories and cooks a good quiche. Have some coffee.
Tags: humans, me, not really emo this time just sorta thou, self-indulgent, sex, status, tag, whoa
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