The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

Today's CPSC Recall: The Not a Walking Stick

You will see, Watson, that this is no ordinary walking stick. Note the pouch full of darts and the fiendishly clever bamboo gunsight! I wrote a monograph on this particular piece of South Seas devilry...

Name of Product: African Blow Dart Guns

Description: The blow dart gun is a 51-inch long decorative wooden tube with an attached pouch containing five darts. The brown, bamboo-shaped gun has a black, small barrel-like container attached to the top.

Hazard: Consumers may have mistakenly purchased the dart guns thinking it was a decorative walking stick, posing the risk of injury if someone used the gun for its intended purpose.
Tags: consumerism, cpsc, doh, ow my eye, recall, stupidity, tag
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