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News wrapup

  1. Kristen took a stand. South Orange County strippers disapprove of the London terror bombings, in case you wondered if they were straddling the issue. (via myspace chain letter).

  2. I think the time has come in pop music for tribute bands to have their own tribute bands. Some of these guys have more than passed the M*A*S*H threshold and outlasted their idols by decades. Pick your local tribute band and start giving them the due they've earned. Around here I suggest: "Two Doors Down, a Tribute to Wild Child" and "Drive Their Car, a tribute to Rain". You probably have your own local meta-heroes to emulate. Come to think of it, I bet wossisname Cafferty already has tribute bands.

  3. Can't seem to face up to the facts; tense and nervous, can't relax.
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