The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

Two words: goatse opportunity.

I'm sitting at D's right now and there's a tech guy here installing things. A 37" flatscreen LG monitor is up on the wall with the root@localhost prompt. There are driver messages all over the screen. He looks sad. It's like a trip back to 1996, when everything was done by hand. Apparently the mode lines aren't quite right.

Soon this will be one of those scrolling news/sports/ads/bullshit things on the wall; the others have them mostly already. It's not nearly as bad as a TV, though.

Linux kernel 2.6.10 on Redhat Fedora core release 3 (Heidelberg). ATI driver. Ça ne marche pas. I wish him luck.
Tags: diedrich, doh, linux, patio, tech
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