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craigslist fun of the day

From the soon-to-be-deleted What's the Mexicanian for "Bad Idea Jeans"?

This is a sincere ad for men that want a nice relationship with a Mexican women. Parties every month for Single guys looking to meet a nice Mexican lady. Men If you have been looking for a girlfriend but don’t have the time or patience for online dating or going to clubs look no further!!!

We have single parties every month in Tijuana. Meet ladies of all ages from twenties to forties that are looking for nice single American men for dating and possibly more. Talk to and meet as many ladies as you wish. We also have a bilingual hostess that can assist you and can play “matchmaker” if you would like an introduction.

These are held at upscale bars and restaurants in Tijuana and each fiesta will have new ladies and you are guaranteed to have fun. Drink specials will be offered as well for happy hour.

We have had many successful fiestas and hope you will be there for our next one

If you are new to Tijuana and would like info on our wonderful city we recommend this website

Many of the guys that come are new to TJ so feel free to ask any questions you have.

There you will find more info on our parties as well as info on Hotels, Restaurants, living in Tijuana and much much more. The website is completely free and has a lot of new updated info on events and tourist attractions as well. Try the new blogging section the site has too. It is lots of fun and is a new feature. Feel free to ad anything if you want or to ask any questions.

Thanks for your time and hope to see you at the Fiesta!!!!!
Our next party is this WED night

Have questions>? I will respond very quickly
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