The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

Brain bad. Books good.

Adderall holiday today. I'm predictably more sleepy and less focused, but I didn't have much to do and being focused is tiring. I have been noticing a few side effects and over-tuned senses, etc. on this dose of the stuff so I'm going to ask to go down to 15 mg when I see him next week.

Being on a diuretic is tiring, too! Not only do I pee about 12 times a day right now, but I'm lightheaded and woozy and I keep having attacks of exhaustion when I have to sit down right now for about ten minutes.

Went to Mother's to get 50 mg tablets of niacin (they're hard to find, everyone wants to sell you 500 mg niacin or 100 mg each of a bunch of B complex). I managed to defeat their Huge Wall of Possibly Fraudulent Supplements and find it. I wonder why there are 20 different brands of vitamin? I bet if you're a vitamin freak you have your special brand and think every other brand is suspect.

I'm not cut out to be a hypochondriac; this is all a huge pain. I think someone who would enjoy this should take it over.

I finished the biography of Corvo and I'm working on an article about him, because he's so amazing. Now I've just started the new Eco and I already love it. And I just got Firbank's "Five Novels". Mmmm.
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