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Florence Foster Jenkins died for your sins

I spent almost two hours last night trying to find a song. I only knew some of the lyrics, and the repeated name "Mr. Jones", and how it sounded. The only memory I had of the song was that I saw Milo Binder (obscure) perform it as a cover live at a Rhino Records show in about 1989. It turns out it's a Bee Gees song. Fortunately, it's "New York Mining Disaster 1941" from Bee Gees 1st, which is a pop classic that I should have remembered. Searching for "Mr. Jones" of course brings me results about Counting Crows, NOFX, and Bob Dylan in about that order.

I meant to do a lot of photography today but the day started real slow. I'll shoot some late afternoon stuff and try to get started earlier tomorrow. Maybe a combo hike/photo in the Upper Bay.

Can anyone point me to a guide to using the Camera RAW format? I really like the idea of controlling all the white balance etc. but when I do so it all gets washed out when I try to prepare the images for the web. I have no idea whether what I'm trying to do is impossible, or I'm just messing up.
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