The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

I got invited to a party.

I just got invited on myspace (twice!) to join Party Karma ( ), twice, by "Joe".

Meet Joe:

hi joe

Hi there, Joe! Looks like you had a fine time in Cabo. Joe wants me to party with him and approximately 27,000 other people who have already joined his Party Karma group. Here's what Joe has to say about his group:

PartyKarma is the fastest growing Party in Southern California. Party with your typical Good Looking Southern California crowd. I mean let's face it, people in Southern California are good looking, well they are signing up at PartyKarma. Come on out and meet them!

I have to say I'm flattered. I'm aware that I'm a person in Southern California, but I had no idea I was good looking, or that my karma entitled me to a party. I clicked on the pictures of the attractive young partiers and was immediately taken to where I learned that I needed to keep a secret about the free parties! I may have failed you here, Joe. There's also a patent pending, but I'm not sure what is being patented. Joe's obviously a pretty smart guy, though, so I bet he invented a new type of party or something.

I didn't join Joe's group yet. I'm going to have to let it all sink in first. I noticed on the drop-down menu for "Profile" that it included "Mind", "Body", "Spirit", "Virtues N Vices", and "Riches" and that may require some preparation on my part. It sounds like a martial art or a seminar and I'm terrible at both of those. I didn't think that Buddhists partied a lot but I guess it's all a voyage of discovery for me, here.

In a moment of weakness I clicked on "join", but it was obviously too soon. The web browser said: Element INVITATION_CODE is undefined in ATTRIBUTES and a lot of other things that were pretty complicated. Maybe they were written in Buddhist. I thought that it might be okay to do this right away because he'd asked me twice but I'm really new at this.

Maybe you'll have better luck. Joe wants people to have fun, and have a party, and meet each other, and be attractive. Take a moment to look at a few of the pictures of the gang and see what you think. Do you think I could be one of them?

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