The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

He needs someone to adjust his monkey.


Stuart Pearson ( changeng and ) played the opening of the new Diedrich on 17th. He brought Carlos (above), his new drummer, who is rock steady. He also did the Lady in the Radiator Song from Eraserhead and "Venus in Furs" by the Velvet Underground. I'm glad someone understands that "covers only" doesn't have to mean "the worst of the Eagles on a god-damned loop, forever".

The new location is okay except that the patio blows and the bar inside has no bar railing so it's like the tortures of the Inquisition sitting there. Was nice seeing Sandi; her gigantic Nightmare Before Christmas tattoo array is colored in now and it's fairly spectacular.

The Dr. Carlos is the world's largest freestanding vegetarian object, I think:

Kate's Secret Burrito Lover

Slinky and Monkey Rock:

Carlos and Stuart

D's Sweatshirt becomes a Klein Bottle:

Klein Bottle Sweatshirt Problem

Laura is, how you say, beautiful:

Tags: diedrich, food, monkey, music, patio
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