The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

Wonderful/Terrifying Request

Boy I'd like to see this, I hope they find someone. Spreading the word, here. Also I love the phrase "fire friendly venues". But I'd really love to see Blixa do some solo stuff.

Subject: [Mobilization] Blixa Bargeld needs a Theater Space for Destroy 5 West Coast tour: OCT 7-8, OCT 14-16
Date: June 21, 2005 2:52:09 AM PDT

We are looking for a nice seated theater space for the 5th "How to Destroy the Universe Festival". It will take place in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland and Seattle. Blixa Bargeld has been very kind in agreeing to perform a very rare appearance of his solo work here in the United states. He also says he will be performing his pieces in English. You can find samples of Blixa's solo work at:

The festival will also include performances by F-SPACE. The other artists are yet TBD. We are accepting applications for the festival now.

If you have any venue contacts, please let us know. Blixa has requested the event take place in a non-traditional venue, different than the typical rock club setting. Fire friendly venues would be great for F-SPACE, but are not required.
Tags: cool, industrial, music
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