The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

Welcome to the richest hick town in California.

Our local rag, the Orange County Register, now has a "blog".

In their case this means boring, self-satisfied right-wing slop. It's not even a blog really. No commenting, no syndication. It's all the high-quality writing and careful fact checking of the bloggers with all the spontaneity and interactivity of a newspaper! I think I'd rather watch FOX News. Their goebbeling is snappier and sometimes there are cute girls in the shampoo ads.

It does have these losers' email on it, though, so you can goatse them at least.

Yes, we are still a provincial backwater with no style or class. We're just a very, very rich one these days.
Tags: blog, journalism, politics, snark
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