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An evening in France

Had a completely magical evening. I went with Jesse, Dan, and some other friends to an excellent and not too expensive french place called Pescadou, which I highly recommend. Had a tremendous meal, good wine, good conversation. It's a very family style restaurant that serves bistro food, and a warm and pleasant place to spend a rainy evening.

As we were talking after dinner, the people at the next stable were discussing something with the owners, and then surprise! It turns out that they are flamenco performers. So Rafael Aragon starts up playing, and plays beautifully, and during one of this songs a woman at his stable stands up and dances, also very beautifully.

At the end of one song a friend of his at the table said to us "See that child? She is my daughter, she is autistic. Only music speaks to her; this music has saved her. Remember. you're not just applauding for entertainment, but for humanity."

And then back into the torrential rain and home, full of good food, good wine, and good feelings.
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