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I gave up on reading this book about Vedanta because it was one of those books that lies about being introductory. After all this reassurance from the author that it was a Good Introductory Book about Vedantic Thought it turns out to be no such thing, and he keeps dropping bombs like "this explains the huge controversy about the teaching of Hlaghlag'aghl with which we are all familiar" etc etc. Someone who wasn't a Vedanta scholar should have reviewed the book before publication.

So now I'm reading a history of Hinduism which is hard going but at least explanatory. I decided to stop reading it tonight when a description of one sect's beliefs ended "thus the highest name of God is 'The Darling of the Milkmaids'." and I started giggling madly. Time for beer and internetting instead of trying to understand Big Ideas.

I like beer.
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