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Best E-Business Ever!

E-zekiel! The easy website solution for churches...

I wonder what Ezekiel himself would have thought of a pyramid scheme portal site aimed at clueless pastors. My guess is that he would not have liked it so much.

Their levels of service are: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. The Silver level is about $30, which made me laugh pretty hard.

I am now going to quote their entire "About Us" text, for hurting you. It's written in GodBuzz™!

Axletree Media, Inc. is a profitable, private corporation committed to providing Christian organizations with easy-to-use, powerful, cost-effective, Internet-based communications tools.

Since purchasing E-zekiel, Axletree Media has continued to extend this powerful communications platform as well as develop strategic partnerships to meet the ever-changing needs of Christian organizations from mega-churches like Bellevue Baptist Church in Cordova, Tennessee (, to Christian businesses such as Lead Like Jesus (, to churches with less than 50 members.

As a leading global application services provider, Axletree Media is focused on providing web-based products with best-in-class functionality, at entry-level prices without sacrificing the look and feel of your organization's web presence. Our commitment isn't to technology, it's to you. We focus on providing what you need--when you need it.

We believe solutions should solve problems, not create them. We don't resist change; we create it. We don't follow; we lead. Every day we immerse ourselves in your needs and constantly work to unleash the power of the Internet for your ministry, Christian business or non-profit organization.

With more than 6,000 customers in 12 countries worldwide, we believe that our track record of growth, excellence, and service means we are succeeding. We also believe that this is just the beginning.
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