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Until I found this on the Internet tonight, I hadn't realized what I am, and always have been, and always will be: A Glitter Graver Gothic Beauty. Why didn't you all tell me years ago? I'm off to danse in the darque, now.

Glitter - Graver: With your cheeky grin and
outgoing personality its apparent that you are
the go-getter of the scene. When you dance
people watch in awe, even though youre good and
your friends keep telling you, it hasnt turned
you into a stuck up bitch. You dont mind
lending people clothes, money or hearing them
out. You are a night personbut only if its
punctuated by strobe lights! You have that easy
going nature which sometimes leads people to
take advantage of you, but you know how to deal
with scum, short, sharp and to the point. You
wear your tight pants and fluoro accents well
with black and you are damn sexy in them too.
Your motto is Friends are Forever

What is your style of Gothic Beauty?
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