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Turtles all the way down

I worked from home without permission today, but no one seemed to object. I think I am getting a wee bit of bad attitude. Just a wee bit though.

1. The crows have invaded my neighborhood. Literally a hundred or so of them hanging around going GRAWWWWWWWK all day. They're fascinating, yet loud and annoying.

2. The I.T. departments at large companies are the last vestige of the old Soviet Empire.

3. It's too bad that Saddam's deadline falls on St. Patrick's day. You know he'd rather be drinking green beer at Ba'athy O'Shea's that night.

4. I want to be free! Like the bird, like the bee! Oh, why am I classed with the mammals?

5. I really really like this beer-cheddar bread I've been making. Like. Obsessively.
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