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The concept of "Fruit Buzz" will be communicated to the female audience through "girl speak".

McDonald's Has Buzz Over Green Fork
May 11, 2005

CHICAGO -- McDonald's is supporting the launch of its Fruit & Walnut Premium Salad with a multimedia push and a "Green Fork" animated character in a campaign dubbed "Fruit Buzz."

The marketing effort, via Burrell and DDB, Chicago, broke this week with 15- and 30-second TV spots, McDonald's largest print buy and POP featuring Destiny's Child. Spend was not given.

A part of "It's what I eat and what I do" food/energy balance platform, "Fruit Buzz" is a "change in attitude and an overall happy feeling one gets after eating the Fruit & Walnut Premium Salad," the fast-feeder said in a statement. "The concept of 'Fruit Buzz" will be communicated to the female audience through 'girl speak,' allowing McDonald's to talk to women in the same language that women talk to each other."

In an animated spot via Burrell, a young woman is walking down the street on a spring day, but when she opens the door to her friend's house she is transmogrified into her animated persona and is then ready to "Get a Fruit Buzz".

McDonald's print buy includes more than 30 multicultural titles and more than 20 in-language Asian specific publications. Inserts will appear in publications such as Vanity Fair, Bon Appetit, Essence, Estylo and Oprah. Also, in partnership with Conde Nast, many of its publications will include a Starburst insert and taglines like "It's that feeling you get when everything is 60% off," "Makes me feel better than knowing my ex-boyfriend is still single" and "Having one makes even a bad hair day feel good."
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