The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

"That was almost always in a situation where someone was upside down, of course."

Got up a bit later than I wanted but didn't need coffee. Medicinal speed is different. I do feel a bit more awake generally, but not "hyper" or manic. More calm and focused, still. I'm up to 15 mg of the stuff, and I'll talk to the guy next week about whether I should go up or stay here. It's odd to realize that I'm taking a fairly powerful amphetamine and I just feel normal. Hey, maybe that's because I have this syndrome!

It was good to see kennfusion today. He's looking trim and rested and seems to have defeated New York pretty handily. Considering that he's also had to deal with Somalia, El Salvador, Colombia, Kurdistan, and The Valley it isn't so surprising.

And wow, also maineiac_eric in the same day. Old home week, etc.

It was a very nice Memorial Day/Laura's Fiscal Birthday party at the Bex0rz. Bave andd Dethya put out a helluva good table including orgasmic macaroni & cheese and really cool baked beans made with coffee! Also there was about a quarter ton of meat. I think joyfulagitator brought an entire pig.

South County really sucks. In the "I will drive my $50,000 SUV at 80 mph through the red light because AMERICA FUCK YEAH!" way, it sucks.

I think I'm dating my cat for the foreseeable future. She's the only one who will fall asleep on my leg.
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