The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

It was Paul Anka, in the Merzbow House, with a gerund!

The usual suspects at D's tonight. Everyone was manic and hormonal. More sexual outuendos per second than we've had in months. I was the odd one out and found it a bit hard to connect with, probably because I'm finishing my first week of a drug that makes me calmer and more focused and tonight was neither calm nor focused.

The guy with the hat that covers his eyes played tonight. He strums almost randomly as though in his bedroom at home. Occasionally he'd do an old Pink Floyd song or something else recognizable. He rarely sings, and when he does that sounds like the bedroom too. In general he doesn't seem to notice that he's performing or remember what song he's playing, and often he just stops in the middle and sits there for a few minutes, and then starts playing again. He never looks up, and his bucket hat never stops covering his eyes. I think Candy was going to kill him right in the head.

When his wife shows up she sings and does so pretty well, and it's tolerable. Also she's hot. Otherwise I really wonder what his purpose is in life.

I think I want to learn how to shoot a rifle.
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