The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

geek filter: things in Tiger I'm trying to figure out/fix

  1. Backup to drive with the .Mac backup app is slow as hell now. No idea why, but it takes forever to do my firewire drive backup to the iPod.

  2. If my wireless connection drops for even a second, my iDisk goes offline, iChat drops the AIM connection, and a couple of other apps shut down and I get the "Your network seems to be dead" annoy popup from the OS. There doesn't seem to be any way to tell the network "please ignore very temporary dropouts, it's wireless". Incredibly annoying!

  3. Spotlight is slow. Way slower than Quicksilver was. It doesn't seem to cache *anything* as far as I can tell, so when I type in an app that I spotlighted earlier that day it still throws its pref file, its icon, all kinds of garbage before it announces that the "top hit" is the app itself. I'm finding it pretty useless.
This all sounds hatey but I do very much like Tiger as an upgrade otherwise. The fast bootup is particularly good on a laptop that restarts more often. I can't say the widgets do much for me, though. The goodies for me are mostly "under the hood" with this one.
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