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Holiday Conundrum

Looks like Easter falls on Hitler's birthday this year. What's a good Nazi mom to do, with two holidays at once and the little ones clamoring for fun?

Some suggestions:

  • Paint the names of nearby nations on eggs before they hide them, so kids can get the fun of the egg hunt and learn about hegemony, too!

  • This year, get a solid white chocolate bunny.

  • Make a jellybean swastika cake and cut it with an SS dagger! Careful, keep little hands away from sharp things.

  • Instead of the boring sunrise service, move into the New Millennium with a rousing hymn to resurrected Norse gods, and then burn some ..foreigners.. in effigy. The kids can help by making a piñata of one of the Mud Races!

Remember: keep it fun, and keep it Pure!
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