The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

super cali fragilistic expali DOSCHNI

Family Benks is anxious searches of the nurse for children. And as it happens only in a fairy tale, she has appeared directly from air, fine, on anybody not similar. Just such what any loving parents would dream to have in the house. Mary Poppins - Ms. Perfection. At it not simply blossoming kind. She not simply in the best way is able to prepare, go shopping, put on, dance and to bring up children. All this only the elements only making. No, here something the greater - she is perfect, is deprived lacks, for she - fantastic. How to not fall in love in such to the poor creature "Mister A" - young to the uncle of kiddies of family Benks. Film - almost a musical, is so much in it songs and even dances. However it - not plug-in numbers, and simply the part of action imperceptibly shown directly from episodes of film. It is necessary to mention and brilliant comic work Oleg Tabakov which here appreciates cheerful tradition of actors-men: to play in changing clothes, to play lady. In film to forget the most ridiculous place this staff it is impossible.

Thank you to oldrichnovy
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