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A matter of taste

I had a bit of music running through my head tonight ("Small Town Spree" by Peter Case) and, reviewing the lyrics, realized that it wasn't as good a song as I'd thought back in 1986 or so when it came out. Reflecting on this, I further realized that a lot of what I thought of as "good" years ago I now don't like in varying degrees. So, a question for the Group Mind:

Assuming only adult tastes (none of what you liked or disliked at age 9), what tastes in music, or film, or food, or other arts have changed for you? Particularly, what particular artists or edibles or designs (cars, architecture) etc. have lost or gained value for you?

Examples for me include:

  • Musical artists I adored 15 years ago that I now think are clumsy and overrated (the above Mr. Case and several others)
  • Cilantro, which I thought was horrible at age 19 and now I can't get enough of
  • Mercedez-Benz cars, which I once thought were the apex of beauty; now I think they're boring businessman's cars
  • Science Fiction, which ruled my world in early college and now makes me gag almost every time

Comment away if you're interested, either with your own changes in taste or about the phenomenon.
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