The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

Best disclaimer ever

From via Mimi Smartypants:

Warning: These containers are extremely fragile and it's possible that the tubs will crack during shipping. Some tubs appear to contain darker Smurfs; some contain lighter Smurfs. They arrive in sealed cases from the Haribo Factory this way and we cannot say why there is a difference in color tones. We also cannot control the firmness of the Smurfs from tub to tub. Order at your own risk. We are not able to reimburse for damaged containers, color tone variations, or Smurf texture.

Please remember, Smurfs are a "Special Order" item and extremely difficult to keep stocked. We provide them as a special consideration for the large number of customers who have requested them. If any of the abovementioned issues are of concern for you, please do not order them. To keep these Smurfs at their freshest, repackage them in a freezer bag or other air tight container. Smurfs are offered for "free sampling" in our Texas Showroom. We store them in an air tight container for our walk-in customers.
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