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"Just tighten up that vagina wrench."

Today was a pretty good day. Had lunch with eamajyn and it was great to see her looking strong and healthy and snarfing up a plate of Crab Cooker. We went to the pier and snarked at the tourists and peered into the ocean like... well, like tourists.

There was some glorious sitting around to be had. I'm damned good at sitting around, and grateful that I have the opportunity to do so.

Had mongolian BBQ for dinner. Despite the increasing sketchiness of that place, food safety scares, etc., I really like that food. I suppose if I can survive ceviche off a roach coach in Pico-Union I shouldn't worry about questionable mongolian delights.

Because I am the Enemy of Fun I didn't go bowling with my friends tonight. I should probably take advantage of these opportunities because vita brevis etc.

D's was comfortably crowded tonight, with the Recovery Crew and the kids and the bad jazz and lots of stuff going on. It felt like years ago, when that place was reliably entertaining on a Saturday night.
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