The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

I shouldn't have looked. Ugh.

I just spent about an hour going through Vice Magazine's website, after reading a bit about it on other peoples blogs. What a piece of shit.

They've scoured the planet's trendy nightclubs for the most privileged young people they can find, told them they're special, and put them in a magazine to giggle in an oh so sophisticated way at the lesser beings below them. Every bad trend is there: pointless snark, kitsch, racist humor, rich hipster elitism, shitty trendy taste in music, yet more racist humor, and that awful self-satisfied sneer of the half-educated writer who's never read anything longer than a cereal box.

If you took the meanness of the old Spy, the vapid trendiness of the old Details, the neocon triumphalism of Wired, and the masturbatory self-congratulation of Interview, you'd almost have this one. Maybe needs more Maxim to get the recipe right.

I can be this big of an asshole too, but I don't go to work and put out a magazine about it, it's just something that happens to me after 2 beers when I get thoughtless and mean.

Fuck you, Vice.
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