The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

I just paid $29 to make my life slightly more annoying.

The people at Mark/Space finally released their sync application for Mac OS X and the Sidekick, and I of course bought the thing, $29.

It's necessary and yet very annoying. First, you can only put it on two macs. What the hey? iSync with .Mac works everywhere. Why not restrict it to one Sidekick? No, two macs and two Sidekicks. Which makes no sense.

Second, you can only sync up to 8 times per day. This is funny, because iSync only has "manual only" or "once an hour" as options. So you have to use cron and applescript to say something like "run iSync update every 3 hours".

This follows the rule that everything involving Apple, and everything involving Danger and the Hiptop, is simultaneously totally cool and so annoying it makes my head vibrate to bits.

I'm glad you care.
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