The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban


Got nastygram from "Certegy", who wants $19.38 from me because of a "dishonored check" to Netflix.

Look at Netflix's site. They have accurate information for me but will not honor it, because they say Certegy says I'm a dishonorable check writer type of person.

Call Certegy. Drone tells me he can do nothing, cannot see transaction information, I must contact Netflix and correct my info.

I go to correct my information, re-enter all information, Netflix once again says that I am dishonorable and that I must contact Certegy.

I call Certegy again. After 15 minutes on hold, I explain to John that I am not dishonorable, and that I wish to find out why they think I am, and that this is serious because their nastygram says that they are going to put me in the database of bad people and I won't ever be able to have ice cream again. John claims that he knows nothing except that a transaction was refused. John stonewalls me, then claims to be giving me to a supervisor.

After another 15 minutes on hold, I get someone's voice mail. I leave a message.

I then cancel my Netflix membership after giving them alternative credit card billing information. Because I don't want any more service like this and I'm out of cash lately, I also cancel Gamefly..
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