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The piano has been drinking, not me

Man, I feel like shit. Something about the pills I've been given makes me shaky, slow, and uncoordinated. I keep making weird logical mistakes or saying the wrong word, and I sometimes can't think of a phrase or memory I need for 30 seconds or so longer than I should. Good times. I guess it's better than actual medieval medicine where I'd be doing shots of warm mercury or being bled through my urethra.

Going to bitch to the doctor about it on Thursday though. It's sort of hard to help maintain the infrastructure for a big media website when you're, like, dumb and stuff. Also I'm afraid I'm going to have a car accident or something.

There was a pudgy, messy teenaged boy at D's tonight whose trucker hat said "SAFE SEX ISN'T".

Did you know that at restaurants, server-suggested food actually tastes better? I learned this from the book joyfulagitator was reading so that she could pretend tomorrow that she knows all about SERVING FOR SUCCESS or something.

My self image lately is the guy below.

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