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From Oakley's web site

They make really good sunglasses, but come on, guys:

The world's first optical frame to incorporate ultra-lightweight magnesium metal within a ceramic mantle. Liquefied at 1100°F, the performance alloy is injected into precision engineered molds within a timeframe of less than 30 milliseconds. Sealing the metal in a protective ceramic mantle requires a turbine that rotates at 60,000 rpm in order to disperse ceramic polymer nanoparticles. For a secure and comfortable fit, the new frame will include spring-hinge mechanisms, as well as Unobtainium® nosebombs and earsocks. Flex couplers are incorporated at strategic points in the frame geometry, tuning flexibility while retaining structural integrity. The end result is a metal frame that meets the durability requirements of sports professionals while offering all-day comfort by minimizing weight.

For all that I expect a BMW engine in my $150 sunglasses.
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