The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

Leggo my emo

I started out to write a self-analytical bit about my own failures and how to amend them, and then realized that this kind of journaling is one of said failures. So you just read a meta-failure.

I'm taking a week off in May, partly to go up to SF to see Gang of Four on the 2nd, but generally to clear my head if possible. I hope to spend a couple of days idling on the Central Coast in the SLO area, and otherwise no idea. I should go out in the desert and photograph the wildflowers, as they're exceptional this year. Suggestions welcome. No, I'm not going up to Portland! I don't have enough time for that if I'm going to do anything else.

Last night as I was looking up at the wind slapping the palm trees around I realized that I need trees around me. If I don't have a tree break occasionally I get unhappy. What's that about, I wonder?
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