The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

The current mode of suburban rebellion

At least where I live, the wealthy children of the middle class have embraced rockabilly "white trash" style, big tattoos, 1961 tough guy facial hair, pimp and hooker and stripper outfits, and chopped fifties cars now pretty much totally. From a subculture it has become the culture for late teen/early 20s kids with money who want to annoy their parents.

It probably works pretty well. I ran across a nude and tattooed picture of a FOAF on myspace and after my initial appreciation for the arrangement of the pixels I thought "wow.. I wonder what her dad is drinking if he knows about this?"

The last time I can remember rockabilly/greaser culture being the dominant one around here was in 1981 or so, when we were waging little wars under an aw-shucks brylcreemed president.. hey! Now I don't have to ask any of you to deconstruct this!

March onwards, freedom hookers and victory pimps!
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