The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

Did you get that emo? I'll send another copy.

I had a reasonably good day. No, let's correct that. I had a wonderful day because I am a rich white male and I live in Newport Beach, CA. Someone I know who lives in Moscow, Russia was last week attacked by wild dogs. That doesn't happen here. Plus, the weather is better.

I'm also glad that I don't live in Shenzhen, China. Jack's uncle wanted him to go work in a hydraulics factory there and live in some mercury-encrusted lean-to in a town that's more of a shithole than Shenzhen even. He'd be production manager probably and get to deal with things like "The #8 homphulizer blew up and killed 32 workers. Hire some more" etc. Instead, Jack is going to sell cars in Portland, Oregon.

Finally I'm glad that I don't live in more nearby Norco, California where realitylost informs me one cannot go out and eat seafood. There just isn't any. So she and I went out to the Crab Cooker tonight and hoovered up various fruits de mer.

i'm excited about going to San Francisco for a few days in May. Boooiiing.

Finally, a moment of unseemly levity:

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